fs35 Canopy

Last week it was put to use for first time at the second engine test – the finished canopy of the fs35. Last year we restored a used Dimona canopy frame, painted it and equipped it with a new, lighter mechanism. Preparation was key, because there was only one chance to cleanly and without too…
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Winter Maintenance on the fs31

Currently, we’re hard at work with maintenance on the fs31 “Ferdinand Porsche” so that our beautiful prototype and trainer can fly again this summer. By the way, she’s celebrating her 37th birthday this year and has had more than 22.000 flights so far!

fs35 Cowling painted

Today, we painted our fs35 cowling in the paint booth of the Institute for Aero and Gas Dynamics at the University. A new member was able to develop her skills in painting plane parts. Our appreciation goes out to MIPA, FBS-Finish as well as PPG Aerospace Germany, who sponsored the materials!

fs35 First Engine Tests

28.11.2018 – We completed the next big step on the way to the first flight of the fs35! Two weeks after the static vibration test we started our fs35 engine for the first time. Together with a Technify employee, the special engine mapping for the fs35 was loaded onto the FADEC (full authority digital engine…
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fs35 Ground Vibration Test

Three weeks ago we moved the fs35 to the Institute for Statics and Dynamics to prepare it for testing there, which was not possible in our own workshop due to its height. The aim was the so-called ground vibration test, which is essential for the safe operation of an aircraft without fluttering. This video from…
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fs35 Interior

YAY! Last week we received a call from Interieur Flugzeugausstattung saying that our interior for the fs35 was ready for pick up. Super excited, we drove to the Swabian Alb to collect everything. We are of course very satisfied with the result; it’s exactly what we had in mind! The seat cushions contain energy absorbing…
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fs35 Not quite done painting

Last year we claimed that the plane was completely painted – that was maybe not completely accurate! At that time the rudder was not finished. Also, the canopy and the cowling were missing. The rudder was as previously reported redone to meet our lightweight construction requirements and could now be painted. The rudder is still…
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fs35 Fuel System

Fits, wobbles, and gets air Of course, a finished fuel system is indispensable for the first run of our engine. This is another area where a lot has happened in recent months. Since the tank has been waiting for installation for more than a year now, it’s about time it gets its own seat belt.…
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fs35 Electronics and Avionics

In principle, the fs35 contains a CD155 retrofit kit for the DA40D. However, since many cable harnesses are reused when converting a DA40, they are missing in the kit. We therefore decided to take over the entire electrical system from the Cessna172-CD155 installation, so we can be optimally supported by Technify Motors. In order to…
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fs35 Controls & Load Tests

The controls could finally be finalized. Everything was powder coated to protect the parts long term from corrosion and mechanical stress. For this we would like to thank Schmidt Pulverbeschichtungen in Kirchheim Teck again! In the meantime, all parts were installed in the aircraft and connected with screws, washers and nuts. The airbrake lever was…
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