Akaflieg Stuttgart mourns Fridolin “Fidde” Wohlfarth

Our long-time member Fridolin „Fidde“ Wohlfarth passed away on 12.04.2022 after a tragic work accident at the age of 93. Not only being a great flying companion, Fidde was also the motor and soul of our airfield, indeed without him we would not have our Bartholomä-Amalienhof (EDPU) home airfield. With the purchase of the site…
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Obituary Richard Eppler

We have received sad news that our alumnus Richard Eppler passed away on Thursday, November 25th 2021. Richard was an acknowledged expert in both aerodynamics and calculation of structural and mechanical problems and as such had a very influential position in the development of sailplanes. Besides the variety of profiles that he developed for model…
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Changes to the fs35 Elevator and Tailplane

This winter we carried out the tailplane modification that had been planned since the first flight. This is necessary to prevent aerodynamic flutter in this region at high speeds and therefore to be able to increase the maximum permissible airspeed from the previous 180 km/h to 210 km/h and finally to 280 km/h after a…
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A Mock-Up of the fs36

In the course of the fs36 project, we’ve had to design a multitude of partsto allow for the realisation of our concept. Since we are planning on using astandard fuselage, we must of course make sure that our parts will fit insidesaid fuselage. To this end, we built a fuselage mock-up at the Schempp-Hirth airplane…
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Arrival of our CNC milling machine

A CNC portal milling machine for milling the molds of our future projects. This was our dream three years ago when we started the project of acquiring a milling machine. The molds are assembled from large plastic blocks with dimensions of 2.5x1x0.2 meters. In addition, they are machined on a steel frame to prevent the…
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Article Series fs36 – Wing Test Piece: 5. It Moves!

And now we are at the end of the article series on the fs36 wing test piece. After the state shown in the last article, the fin, flap, and flaperon were trimmed and adjusted to each other, allowing for full movability. Furthermore, all three parts were painted and are now shining with a coat of…
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Online Introduction with KSat and InVentus

This Friday, we’re holding an online introduction along with two other University of Stuttgart student groups, KSat and InVentus. We will be talking a bit about ourselves so that you can get to know us. We’re excited to see you there! When: Friday, 30.10.2020 from 10:00 to 13:00 Where: on Webex. Password is “erstivorstellung”

Article Series fs36 – Wing Test Piece: 4. Last Steps to Sealing the Fin

In this article, we will describe the final steps to completing the main part of the wing test piece, the fin. By now, a large part of the work has been done and the goal of a small wing with a moveable flap and actuator-driven flaperon seems to be within reach. While producing the small…
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Article Series fs36 – Wing Test Piece: 3. Construction of Small Parts to Complete Construction Groups

As hinted in the last article, the time consuming construction of small parts was just around the corner. From a production standpoint, the flap had to be completely built along with its bearing before we could continue with the test piece. The reason for this was the placing of the flap guide rails in the…
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Article Series fs36 – Wing Test Piece: 2. Wing Skin Construction and Detail Design

At the end of the last article, the largest parts of the mold had been completed, and now it was time to start building the structure. Even though it would have been best to start building after the detail design had been completely finished, the tight schedule did not allow it. The wing skins in…
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