First Workshop Evening WS22/23

On our first workshop afternoon this semester, we had four larger group tasks in addition to some smaller ones.
Under the guidance of Schrumpf and DiBiDi, 4 guests started with the winter maintenance of the fs33. This involved washing the surfaces, checking for paint cracks and removing the ailerons.
Carlos and another small group started the construction of a wing test piece. For this, the moulds first had to be cleaned before they could be newly cut and painted. In addition, foam blocks, which form the centre of the fibre composite laminate, were sanded to size so that laminating can take place in the next few days and weeks.
There were also exciting tasks in the office: Ronaldo and Gimli instructed two guests who had been here before in the use of our CAD programme and also created the code with them for milling the parts and 3D printing them respectively.
With Snoopy’s help, the construction of a test rig for a retractable tail gear was started. This will later be used to test the tailwheel mechanism we have constructed ourselves, which will be installed in our fs36.