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We’re happy that you found us here! We would like to give you a quick overview on what an Akaflieg is, how it works, and how you can find us. 


Workshop Evenings

To simplify your entry, we would like to invite you to our workshop evenings. These take place every Wednesday at 2 pm in our workshop. Here, you will have the chance to know us. An extra plus, you can directly start collecting hours so that you can start with flying as soon as possible! If you want to directly start, it’s recommended to bring work clothes.


Beginning 18.10.2023, every Wednesday beginning at 14:00 in our workshop at the university campus, Pfaffenwaldring 35, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen

How does an Akaflieg work?


The Akaflieg is completely organised by us students. We alone determine our projects and turn them into reality. Our advantage is that we can act independent of economical demands, allowing us to work on unusual and innovative projects. For these, creative and motivated people are needed, who are willing to spend their time.

Looking back at the Akaflieg’s History, one can see that the concept of the Akaflieg works quite well and that the Akaflieg Stuttgart built a few great airplanes. Who finances all this? This question gets thrown around pretty often. For one, we earn money by doing commissioned work for companies. We also receive donations from companies or association supports. In particular, the materials for the building stage of a project usually come from donations from supporting companies. Finally, we also recieve support from former members.

When can one join and how will it affect my studies?

Your Studies and the Akaflieg

One can directly start working with uns from the first semester. In fact, that’s much more preferable for you and for the Akaflieg. This means you will have more time after your familiarisation to work on projects. Ideally, the Akaflieg will accompany you for the duration of your studies.

Does one’s studies become worse or will they take longer if one were to join the Akaflieg? No, of course not. University will always take first place. On the contrary, many companies prefer students who have practical experience, which the Akaflieg enables. We also have the chance to implement things learnt from our studies practically.

What about flying in the Akaflieg?


Everybody who is highly motivated and collects enough working hours can fly sailplanes with us, for free even!

As a new member, one has to collect 100 working hours before one is allowed to fly. Generally, the first winter at the start of one’s studies offers a good opportunity to do this. The flying season properly kicks off in the following spring with our beginner’s flying camp (flying along as a passenger is of course also possible). This means spending two weeks on the airfield in Bartholonä. There, we have a House where we can sleep over. If you don’t have a sailplane pilot’s license, you can start your pilot’s education here with our flight instructors. Generally, it takes two seasons until you recieve your pilot’s license. If you already have a license, you can directly fly with us.

Is it something for me?

Try it out!

The Akaflieg requires its members to be committed and independent and also have the ability to work in a team and take responsibility. Only then can the association work. Of course, you will learn social skills and gain experience with us through the taking responsibilities.

This all sounds very serious and boring, but in the group, we have a lot of fun, both in the workshop and on the airfield. In the end, we are all still students. The easiest way to see the Akaflieg for yourself is to visit us in our workshop and maybe spend a few hours working with us. That way, you will get to know us and the Akaflieg and can decide whether you want to stay or not. And don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to have any prior knowledge. Everything you need to know you can learn from us.

Here’s how you can find us

Our workshop is located directly on campus grounds of the University of Stuttgart in Stuttgart-Vaihingen



Pfaffenwaldring 35 70569 Stuttgart Deutschland


+49 711 685 62443

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