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Obituary Richard Eppler

We have received sad news that our alumnus Richard Eppler passed away on Thursday, November 25th 2021. Richard was an acknowledged expert in both aerodynamics and calculation of structural and mechanical problems and as such had a very influential position in the development of sailplanes. Besides the variety of profiles that he developed for model…
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Arrival of our CNC milling machine

A CNC portal milling machine for milling the molds of our future projects. This was our dream three years ago when we started the project of acquiring a milling machine. The molds are assembled from large plastic blocks with dimensions of 2.5x1x0.2 meters. In addition, they are machined on a steel frame to prevent the…
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Repainting the fs25

We have good news regarding the fs25. A few months ago, we told you that the fuselage of the fs25 is to be repainted. Now we can show you the progress we’ve made. After hours of work, we finally got the fuselage ready for repainting. We then brought it to Heubach, where it would at…
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Progress on the Winter Maintenance – G109

Last season, our G109 finally hit 3000 flying hours and thus, it requires a service life extension program. To this end, we started a crowdfunding campaign for the overhaul of our G109, during which we earned more than 3500€. We would like to heartily thank all those who donated. The G109 is getting a new…
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Progress on the Winter Maintenance – fs25

The fs25 is our oldest still flying prototype and of course, we wouldn’t forget about or old girl. This year, the fs25 is going to get a new coat of paint! To this end, we spent hours sanding off the old layers of paint. Since we found one or two damaged areas, we also took…
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Progress on the Winter Maintenance – Twin III

This time around, we decided to mount detachable canards onto our Twin III. This would allow heavier pilots to spin the sailplane better, which in turn lets more pilots do spin practices on the Twin. Besides that we also did the usual winter maintenance work, and the plane got new brake pads and a new…
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Impacts of the Corona-Pandemic on our activities

Dear friends and supporters, the Akaflieg Stuttgart is affected by the measures to combat the Corona-Pandemic too. Therefore the University of Stuttgart decided to close the premises of the Akaflieg until further notice. We also postponed the beginning of our flying season 2020. This means that there is currently no one in the Akaflieg workshop…
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First-Aid Course

Those who spend a lot of time together experience many things together, which unfortunately includes things that are rather unpleasant. These are among other things injuries at the workshop or, God forbid, during a flight accident. Both are things one doesn’t necessarily want to experience and thankfully, both are rare occurences, but it doesn’t hurt…
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Tour at Winter Instruments

Every glider has an altimeter and a variometer. We need these instruments in our gliders to be able to assess our situation in flight. The airspeed indicator shows us the speed, the altimeter our altitude and the variometer how much you climb or sink per second. But unfortunately very few pilots actually know what is…
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Winter Maintenance on the fs31

Currently, we’re hard at work with maintenance on the fs31 “Ferdinand Porsche” so that our beautiful prototype and trainer can fly again this summer. By the way, she’s celebrating her 37th birthday this year and has had more than 22.000 flights so far!