Category: Flying

Flutter Tests on the fs33

This year, we continued with flight tests on the fs33 with the new winglets as part of the Idaflieg Summer Meet in Stendal. Since these new winglets alter both the aerodynamics and mass of the wings, flutter tests at speeds above the maximum permissible airspeed of 280 km/h (174 mph) must be done, specifically up…
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Finally Flying Season

In our two-week beginner’s course, interested students are able to start flight training. Our prototype fs31 is especially busy with the flight students. Also the testing of our new winch, which our very own Fidde has built, was resumed. The Swabian Alb surprised us with sunny days and strong thermals, which are not usual at…
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Winter Maintenance on the fs31

Currently, we’re hard at work with maintenance on the fs31 “Ferdinand Porsche” so that our beautiful prototype and trainer can fly again this summer. By the way, she’s celebrating her 37th birthday this year and has had more than 22.000 flights so far!