Category: Flight Test

Flutter Tests on the fs33

This year, we continued with flight tests on the fs33 with the new winglets as part of the Idaflieg Summer Meet in Stendal. Since these new winglets alter both the aerodynamics and mass of the wings, flutter tests at speeds above the maximum permissible airspeed of 280 km/h (174 mph) must be done, specifically up…
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First Flight fs35 Harpyie

We finally did it! On the 13th of August 2019, our fs35 “Harpyie” finally took to the skies for the first time! Thus ends a long chapter in our little club. Ever since the idea for the project was born in 2003 and construction began in 2010, over 70 students have worked together alongside their…
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Videoteaser First Flight

High-Speed Taxi Tests with the fs35

It was an exciting moment for us; last Tuesday, the test pilot Ingmar Mayerbuch came to Schwäbisch Hall to perform the first high speed taxi tests on the fs35. Before running the tests, Mr. Mayerbuch took a closer look at the plane to make sure everything’s in top shape, inspecting the exterior, interior, and systems…
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Propeller Feathering Test

On Thursday, we tested the propeller settings of the fs35. And it worked! A motor glider must glide as well as possible with the engine shut off. In the normal position the propeller causes a lot of drag. That’s why most motor gliders have a gliding position for the propeller. With our hydraulic variable pitch…
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First Taxi Tests

Last week we assembled the fs35 at the airfield and performed the first slow taxi tests. The roll behavior and handling on the ground has been promising so far. In addition, the last verification documents, such as the flutter statement for the first flight area, were completed and turned in. Now we are eagerly awaiting…
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