Akaflieg Stuttgart mourns Fridolin “Fidde” Wohlfarth

Our long-time member Fridolin „Fidde“ Wohlfarth passed away on 12.04.2022 after a tragic work accident at the age of 93.

Not only being a great flying companion, Fidde was also the motor and soul of our airfield, indeed without him we would not have our Bartholomä-Amalienhof (EDPU) home airfield. With the purchase of the site at the Amalienhof it was Fidde who made it possible in 1971 to switch from the Hornberg to Bartholomä, thereby offering the Akaflieg Stuttgart and the two gliding clubs from Heubach and Fellbach a new and lasting home.

Under his experienced supervision and with his knowledge about the needed handiwork the airfield, all the infrastructure, two hangars and a large house with the airfield control office were built. He also organized all the machinery necessary and suitable for all this construction work and to keep the airfield in top shape.

Founded on his personal engagement, his good contacts in the Bartholomä village community and the regular airfield festivals with aerial round trips over the Ostalb a positive and friendly connection was established with all neighbors of the airfield.

Beside his profession of managing large international construction sites he still found the time for long cross-country flights from Bartholomä all over southern Germany, but also in Spain, France and especially over the Alps – many in his beloved ASH-25 „LW“. At the age of 88 years he ended his active piloting career but still was there at the airfield on each flying day, motivating all in the morning to fly and asking “where have you been today” in the evening.

For his extraordinary engagement he was awarded in 2017 the golden honor badge of our regional gliding association Baden-Württembergischer Luftfahrtverband and the Akaflieg awarded him the „Golden Pipigei“ in 2019.

Until his last day Fidde was actively engaged at the airfield, solving all problems large and small and just being a valuable source of knowledge and support for us and our glider friends from the Fliegergruppen Heubach and Fellbach. Akaflieg Stuttgart and the whole flying community at Bartholomä have lost with Fidde a great person for whom flying and this airfield was always his top priority. We mourn our loss and our thoughts are with his widow Liesl who was his companion over many decades. He will be deeply missed and we will keep his memory alive and in honor.