First Aid Course 2023

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere and it is always good to be prepared.
This week, we were able to take part in a first aid course organized by the university.
Under the guidance of Mrs. Slavik, eleven of us went through all the possible emergency scenarios in the morning, starting with reaching the scene of an accident, securing ourselves, and making an emergency call.
We discussed in detail how to treat or not to treat the different types of wounds as first aiders.
In particular, the types of injuries that occur more frequently in everyday life, such as cuts, abrasions or lacerations.
The procedure if someone choked on something was also discussed.
After lunch, we continued with the application of pressure bandages. On which parts of the body it is possible to apply a pressure bandage and where the body is too soft for this.
The application of pressure bandages and wound dressings was then practiced in groups of two.
Of course, the recovery position, resuscitation and the use of a defibrillator were also practiced and discussed.
How to remove a motorbike helmet after an accident was also practiced on the resuscitation mannequin.
As the last topic of this very instructive day, we went through the procedure for overheating and hypothermia again.
All in all, we could learn a lot of new things and refresh our first aid knowledge. Of course, we hope to use as little of it as possible and look forward to an accident-free flying season in 2023