fs35 Control Stick

Last week we could finally install the finished stick. It consists of a 3D printed core, which was bound in leather for haptics and design. Instructions from SteFly served as a template, which we adapted for our application..

The power transmission from the handle to the tube is via an aluminum socket. Three buttons are integrated for the operation of the electric trim and radio. The buttons are mounted on a circuit board and are covered by self casted silicone buttons. We used dyed silicone which was poured into a milled ureol mold. The silicone was generously provided by the company Silikonfabrik.

Since electrical trimmings are often either too slow or not sensitive enough, double action buttons were used. The trim can then be adjusted in two different speed levels. We were able to use the stick for the final test of the associated electronics. The trim display and the control of the spindle drive with limit switch functioned perfectly!