Propeller Feathering Test

On Thursday, we tested the propeller settings of the fs35. And it worked! A motor glider must glide as well as possible with the engine shut off. In the normal position the propeller causes a lot of drag. That’s why most motor gliders have a gliding position for the propeller. With our hydraulic variable pitch…
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Finally Flying Season

In our two-week beginner’s course, interested students are able to start flight training. Our prototype fs31 is especially busy with the flight students. Also the testing of our new winch, which our very own Fidde has built, was resumed. The Swabian Alb surprised us with sunny days and strong thermals, which are not usual at…
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Arrival in Schwäbisch Hall

A great moment everyone’s been waiting for: The fs35 was able to get a glimpse of the runway for the first time – in the midst of fellow aircraft. At our rollout event a few weeks ago, the prototype was assembled and displayed on the university campus. The event was complete with a presentation of…
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First Taxi Tests

Last week we assembled the fs35 at the airfield and performed the first slow taxi tests. The roll behavior and handling on the ground has been promising so far. In addition, the last verification documents, such as the flutter statement for the first flight area, were completed and turned in. Now we are eagerly awaiting…
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Seats for Flight Testing

A few weeks ago the seats for flight testing were completed. An attentive observer might be surprised, because the seats for the fs35 were already constructed. So why all the effort? Parachutes will be worn during flight testing for safety reasons. With the parachute the pilot moves forward in the seat. Unfortunately, the pilot is…
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fs35 Control Stick

Last week we could finally install the finished stick. It consists of a 3D printed core, which was bound in leather for haptics and design. Instructions from SteFly served as a template, which we adapted for our application.. The power transmission from the handle to the tube is via an aluminum socket. Three buttons are…
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fs35 Canopy

Last week it was put to use for first time at the second engine test – the finished canopy of the fs35. Last year we restored a used Dimona canopy frame, painted it and equipped it with a new, lighter mechanism. Preparation was key, because there was only one chance to cleanly and without too…
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Winter Maintenance on the fs31

Currently, we’re hard at work with maintenance on the fs31 “Ferdinand Porsche” so that our beautiful prototype and trainer can fly again this summer. By the way, she’s celebrating her 37th birthday this year and has had more than 22.000 flights so far!

fs35 Cowling painted

Today, we painted our fs35 cowling in the paint booth of the Institute for Aero and Gas Dynamics at the University. A new member was able to develop her skills in painting plane parts. Our appreciation goes out to MIPA, FBS-Finish as well as PPG Aerospace Germany, who sponsored the materials!

fs35 First Engine Tests

28.11.2018 – We completed the next big step on the way to the first flight of the fs35! Two weeks after the static vibration test we started our fs35 engine for the first time. Together with a Technify employee, the special engine mapping for the fs35 was loaded onto the FADEC (full authority digital engine…
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