Calibrations & Badges

We perform official calibrations of Flight Recorders and Barographs.


All prices include tax. Shipping not included.

Flight Recorder Calibration

Express Calibration Fee

(Please contact us by phone or email prior to shipment.)



How does it work?

Please fill out the Order Form and send it with the recorder to the following address:

Akaflieg Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 35
70569 Stuttgart


We only calibrate IGC flight recorders. We cannot perform calibrations on flight recorders without IGC approval. Please contact us regarding express calibration before sending in your recorder.


Contact us (temporarily) at: or by phone at +49 711 685 62443


We perform flight evaluations for FAI Badges.


All prices include tax.

Silver, Gold, Diamond, Diploma


How does it work?

For the evalutation we need:

• Original pre-flight declaration form (Flugbescheinigung)

• Filled out application: Silver / Gold / Diamond

• Original IGC file with unedited name

• Calibration of the flight recorder

• A copy of your BWLV membership

Additional Information

• A summary of the regulations in Sporting Code Section 3 as well as other tips can be found in the DAeC presentation “Segelflugleistungsabzeichen” (available only in German). 

• The regulations for Badges in gliding can be found in Sporting Code Section 3 on the FAI Website.