Propeller Feathering Test

On Thursday, we tested the propeller settings of the fs35. And it worked!

Michael and Kathleen in the fs35 during the Feathering Test

A motor glider must glide as well as possible with the engine shut off. In the normal position the propeller causes a lot of drag. That’s why most motor gliders have a gliding position for the propeller.

With our hydraulic variable pitch propeller from mt-propeller this happens automatically as soon as the engine stops during flight, no matter if intentionally or unintentionally. The hydraulic pressure is stored by closing an electric valve. As soon as the Engine Master is turned on again, the valve gets power again, and the propeller is pushed back into the starting position. In contrast to an electric pitch adjustment, a hydraulic system works very quickly, as you can see in our video. This of course brings an enormous safety advantage if you want to restart the engine as quickly as possible in an emergency.