fs35 Interior Paintwork & Decor

Hello airplane enthusiasts!

Today we’re starting a series chronicling the progress of our fs35 project! You’ll get to see what we did the last half year in our workshop with pictures, videos, and descriptions. Let’s get this show on the road!

fs35 2018 – Part 1

Interior Paintwork & Decor

When we got to the point where we knew all cockpit parts weren’t going to be taken out of the plane anymore, sometime at the end of June, we decided to finally paint the interior. This meant removing as much as possible and masking the rest. We chose a bright structure paint for the entire interior, which we hope would translate to a long life for the fs35. First, we painted all removable parts, meaning seat buckets, caps, and partitions. The next day was spent painting the central console and baggage hold.

Apart from giving the interior a new paintjob, we also spruced up the plane’s exterior. Luckily for us, our registration number of choice, D-KTOW, which fit our airplane well for obvious reasons, was still free. Furthermore, we could finally officially unveil the fs35’s official nickname: Harpyie. As is tradition at the Akaflieg, we gave the plane a bird’s name. Specifically, we chose a large bird of prey which can carry large loads and was simultaneously good looking, a fitting choice for our tow plane.