A Mock-Up of the fs36

In the course of the fs36 project, we’ve had to design a multitude of parts
to allow for the realisation of our concept. Since we are planning on using a
standard fuselage, we must of course make sure that our parts will fit inside
said fuselage.

To this end, we built a fuselage mock-up at the Schempp-Hirth airplane works
a few weeks ago. This has the exact same inner and outer contour of a stock
Ventus 3T Sport and also some of its parts, such as fuselage framing and engine
box, which allows us to test our components.

Due to practical and economic reasons, we have made some changes to the fuselage. For example, we’ve replaced carbon fiber with fiberglass. We also did away with other parts, such as control rods. To improve access to the insides of the mock-up, we’ve made sure that some sections and frames are removable. In a pinch, the mock-up itself can be split into its two halves since we didn’t fully glue the left and right halves together.

It took a few days to build the mock-up and we are very thankful to Schempp-Hirth, not only for allowing us to use their moulds, but also for their support during the building process.